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Bárbara Díez Rodríguez                             

PhD student in the project EpiDiverse.

Telefon: +49(0)6421/2823479

Email: bardrdz[at]uni-marburg.de


I am interested in plant adaptation and phenotypic plasticity, specifically tree adaptation to environmental conditions.

Plant ecological epigenetics is an emerging field aimed at understanding how epigenetic changes affect the ability of plants to adapt to the environment and epigenetic mechanisms mediate gene expression changes that can be heritable.
Environmental alterations are currently occurring at unprecedented rates due to human activity, including land use changes and global climate warming. A pressing question is whether epigenetic processes produce adaptation fast enough to keep up with rapidly changing environments and thus sustain ecosystem functions and ecosystem services.

Populus nigra is a long-lived tree species distributed over large parts of Eurasia. It is an ecologically important pioneer species in riverine areas and of significant conservation, landscaping and economic interest as it plays a central role in poplar-breeding programs.

My current project is part of the EpiDiverse ITN (https://epidiverse.eu/), and focuses on linking phenotyipic traits in P. nigra to climatic and environmental variables. I use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques and bioinformatic tools to analyze DNA methylation patterns of specific P. nigra clonal genotypes that will be evaluated along European-scale geographic and climatological gradients.

Anschrift:                                                                     Im Haus

Bárbara Díez Rodríguez                                                        Kern C2
Philipps-Universität Marburg                                                 Raumnummer:2062
Fachbereich BiologieNaturschutzbiologie & Allgemeine Ökologie
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 8
35043 Marburg



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