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The Department of General Practice / Family Medicine at the University of Marburg (Germany)

Our Department is in charge of undergraduate training in General Practice, Prevention and Health Promotion as well as an introductory course into the Profession of Medicine. We also contribute to postgraduate (residency) training for future general practitioners / family practitioners and to continuing medical education (CME). With regard to primary care research ours is in the top group of research departments nationwide.

Undergraduate Teaching

For the University of Marburg Medical School we coordinate rotations in General Practice. These rotations are mandatory for all medical students. We are currently working with about 80 practices in the region of central Hessen. Each practice had to meet the requirements for a teaching practice. Teachers in these practices take part in regular seminars. Their work is supervised and evaluated on a regular basis. Students currently in their general practice rotation take part in seminars covering doctor-patient-communication, diagnostic strategies, relevant clinical topics, substance abuse and palliative care. Moreover, we coordinate an interdisciplinary course on Prevention and Health Promotion for students in their second clinical year. Members of our department contribute to courses on the Care of the Elderly, Health Care Systems and Economics, Ethics, and Medical Psychology. We hold regular lectures for students of pharmacy covering common diseases of all organ systems. The coordinator in charge for these teaching activities is Professor Erika Baum.

Postgraduate Teaching

In cooperation with the clinical trials unit (KKS) we have been running a postgraduate programme in Clinical Epidemiology (Clinical Evaluation). Professor Norbert Donner-Banzhoff has been Programme Director since its inception in 1997. This has been the first programme of its kind in Germany.

For the University Hospital at Marburg we are coordinating a training scheme (residency) for General Practice. Future GPs take 3 ½ years’ rotations before they enter a period of 1 ½ years in a teaching practice (5 years are the minimum requirement in this country). Members of our department contribute to the mandatory seminars held by the academy of doctors’ Chamber (Hessische Akademie für Ärztliche Weiter- und Fortbildung in Bad Nauheim).

Academic departments of General Practice do not provide clinical care. However, academic teachers usually have clinical appointments in community practices. They do not only see patients there, but provide clinical teaching at the under- and postgraduate level.


Our department is among the four departments supported with a special grant to develop primary care research by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Over the last ten years, we have initiated four clinical studies with more than 1000 patients, three of these were cluster-randomized clinical trials. We are working with a network of about 300 research practices, many of which also contribute to our teaching commitments. Our work has resulted in several research awards and publications in international peer reviewed journals.

Current and published work covers a wide spectrum of research questions and designs. There is particular emphasis on the following areas:

-           Cardiovascular diseases and risk factors

-           Diagnosis and decision-making in primary care

-           Pain and chronicity

-           Implementation of innovation and professional learning

-           Communication and counselling

Other professional activities

Members of the department have contributed actively to national guideline developments in the areas of Menopause (Erika Baum), Low Back Pain (Annette Becker), Fatigue (Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, Erika Baum) and Coronary Heart Disease (Norbert Donner-Banzhoff). They have been appointed members of scientific advisory boards and/or reviewers for national and international journals and conferences.  Erika Baum has been elected member of the board of the German Society of General Practice/ Family Medicine (DEGAM), Norbert Donner-Banzhoff is deputy chairman of the German Network of Evidence-based Medicine.

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