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„ARRIBA-Heart“ in 6 steps

Absolute und Relative Risk reduction in General Practice

ARRIBA-Heart consists of two parts: a diagnostic tool for physician’s use and a risk reduction strategy for patients. The material consits of a double-sided, reusable laminated sheet and a counseling sheet:

1.    A challenge: calculation of patiant’s absolute risk for CVD or apoplexy; involvement of the patient in diagnostic and risk reduction process

2.    Risk: Subjective -  Patent’s fears, expectations, preferences, questions

3.    Risk: Objective
3.1.    Measurement and calculation of risk (For secondary prevention go to 3.3)
3.2.    Calculation of probability of CVD or apoplexy with comparitive population
3.3.    Illustration of probability

4.    Information about and demonstration of absolute effects of risk reduction given to patient

5.    Both physician and patiant evaluate together options for minimizing the risk of CVD: alternatives, advantages, disadvantages (options)

6.    Agreement between physician and patient ragarding treatment: i.e. behaviour modification, medication and follow up



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