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Welcome at the Faculty of Education!

Our faculty is home to three departments and offers excellent opportunities for ecutional studies in the following fields:

Educational Science

  • fundamental theoretical, empirical and historical education in general educational science
  • qualification in the two main areas of social and special education, and adult and extra-mural youth education
  • career-related education through internships/practicals
  • additional educational profiles in the areas of media pedagogy, movement oriented pedagogy, pedagogy of childhood, counselling, mediation and supervision
  • more...

School Pedagogy

  • educational science course of studies for teachers in the area of secondary levels I and II (grammar school)
  • integration of school-practical studies
  • cooperation with the information centre for research of foreign languages

Sport and Motology

  • training of sports teachers in the area of secondary levels I and II
  • integration of school-practical studies
  • studies in the areas of motology, adventure and experience pedagogy

Further information

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