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Communication Training

Zeit: 14.01.2012 09:00 h - 14.01.2012 18:00 h
Ort: Room AP2, Am Plan


Melanie Baierl, Amelie Grille, Johannes Hoppe, Wiebke Steinleitner

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Communication Training

(1 ECTS)



Why is good communication essential for constructive problem and conflict solving both at work and in private life?

How can I learn to communicate in an effective way – understanding and respecting perspectives from others while incorporating my own opinion?

How can I arbitrate a dispute?

How can I constructively criticize and how do I deal with criticism in an appropriate manner?


This workshop focuses on practical exercises to train communication skills. There will be short theoretical sessions which will then be examined and conveyed through discussion and role play. Worksheets will be handed out which include summaries of the main theories and additional information for further reading.



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