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Team Competence

Zeit: 14.11.2012 09:00 h - 14.11.2012 16:00 h
Ort: Wilhelm-Röpke-Haus, Universitätsstrasse 25, Dekanatssitzungszimmer


Dr. Dirk Palm

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Team Competence

(1 ECTS)

Everyone working in a academic area is a member of numerous teams. Formal and informal research communities with their formal and informal hierarchies are parts of the everyday life of every academic.

In order to understand the teams you work in, you first need to analyze the various roles you play. After having defined your roles, you can develop a communication strategy and ways of implementing it.

A practical exercise on how to lead meetings will conclude this seminar day.


1. Analyzing teams

  • Gathering first information on your team and the team environment
  • Team roles
  • Team leader and team players
  • The Team Centered Interaction Model (TCI)

2. Understanding the team process

  • Phases of team building
  • Team dynamics

3. Leading teams

  • Three factors of efficient team leadership
  • Core competencies of the team leader
  • Chairing meetings
  • Methods to improve team efficiency
  • Practical exercise on chairing a meeting



The seminar is limited to 15 participants.

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With your registration a registration fee becomes due:

Participants of professional certificate: 25 Euro,

Participants of a single certificate: 30 Euro,

External participants: 50 Euro.

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