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Master Thesis Writing

Zeit: 23.11.2012 10:30 h - 23.11.2012 17:30 h
Ort: Raum AP 2, Am Plan 2


Dr. Fabienne Quennet

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Master Thesis Writing

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Writing a Master Thesis has been compared to training for a marathon. No doubt, it needs stamina and discipline to successfully write such a long, independent, academic writing assigment. Often, this “huge project“ and memorable educational experience intimidates and and stresses many students. In order to embark on such a project it is best to find out how to effectively proceed. In this workshop you will learn how to approach your Master Thesis in terms of general organization, time management, structure of material, writing process, formalities and language issues. This workshop will be conducted in English.

!! Participants will be asked to bring ideas, a topic or an outline of their Master Thesis !!



The seminar is limited to 15 participants.

! New ! Obligatory registration via course booking system.

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With your registration a registration fee becomes due:

Participants of professional certificate: 25 Euro,

Participants of a single certificate: 30 Euro,

External participants: 50 Euro.

Information on the registration formalities (including payment) can be found in our FAQ.


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