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 International Congress

Rudolf Otto

Theology – Philosophy of Religion – History of Religions

4th - 7th October 2012

Marburg, Germany



Special for undergraduate students and doctoral students


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The 6th March 2011 will see the 75th anniversary of the death of Rudolf Otto. The Rudolf Bultmann Institute of Hermeneutics would like to mark this year with an international congress. Otto's work is of particular importance to a variety of present day issues, including age-old questions of religion which are being developed afresh. As a liberal theologian Otto tackled the problem of how modern man can live out his religion, and was well ahead of his time in foreseeing the implications of the clash of world religions. 

The international Rudolf Otto congress is open to the public and seeks to engage a broad range of academics from various disciplines. Therefore both specialists and those from other disciplines with an interest in the subject are encouraged to participate. The conference will include discussion in both German and English. 

Scholars, researchers, doctoral students,undergraduate students and the general public are warmly invited to register before 31st August 2012. The conference is open to the public and free of charge. Regitration: here


Rudolf Otto's "Das Heilige" ("The Idea of the Holy") made him world-famous almost overnight, and set him up as a leading figure in religious studies research. However, Otto's works on theology and the philosophy of religion all but disappeared in German research circles following his death, and are viewed today as little more than a subsidiary contribution in the history of C20th theology. Thanks to new approaches and developments on the theory of 'feeling' as a means of conceiving reality and an increased debate on theological conceptions of religious experience, Otto's works and theories have become of great importance. His reflections on the theory of religion and his theological conception of 'feeling' on which these were based may now be seen as a basis for contemporary issues which is relevant and beneficial. Of particular interest therefore are both modern research on the historical value of Otto's work and more importantly the possibility of relating interdisciplinary debates on individual theological areas such as philosophy and religious studies, but also social, cultural and artistic studies, especially with regard to aesthetics and interreligious dialogue.


The Rudolf-Otto-Congress is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)


Supportet by Evangelische Kirche von Kurhessen/Waldeck and Evangelische Kirche in Hessen und Nassau






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