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Welcome to the Programming Languages and Software Technology Group


Prof. Ostermann and several other group members are joining the University of Tübingen soon. No courses or theses will be offered in the winter term 2014/2015.


Our research group is concerned with the design of programming languages, methodologies, and tools that improve the productivity of software developers.

If you are a student looking for a thesis topic, research assistant position (HiWi-Stelle) or are maybe even interested in a PhD position (Doktorandenstelle) please do not hesitate to contact us. You have a cool idea related to our field, or you are just generally interested in research in our domain? Please also contact us!

Group Photo, 27.11.2013, reduced
Photo of the research group (autumn 2013), from left to right: Cai Yufei, Dr. Lev Lamberov, Dr. Eric Walkingshaw, Dr. Prof. Klaus Ostermann, Paolo Giarrusso, Yi Dai, Tillmann Rendel.

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Prof. Klaus Ostermann and his research group move to Tübingen
Part of our research group moves to Tübingen.

"Projectional Editing of Variational Software" by Erik Walkingshaw and Klaus Ostermann won the best paper prize on GPCE'14
Paper "Projectional Editing of Variational Software" by Erik Walkingsaw and Klaus Ostermann won the best paper prize at GPCE!

Courses in Sommersemester 2014
We are glad to invite you to our courses in Sommersemester 2014.

Paper accepted at ECOOP'14
We are glad to announce that the paper "Capture-Avoiding and Hygienic Program Transformations" by Sebastian Erdweg, Tijs van der Storm and Yi Dai was accepted ...

Mini-Workshop March 2014
We organize a one-day workshop with presentations of current work in the programming language & software engineering group. The talks will be by BSc. and MSc. ...

Incremental λ-Calculus paper accepted at PLDI'14
The paper "A Theory of Changes for Higher-Order Languages: Incrementalizing λ-Calculi by Static Differentiation" has been accepted at the conference on ...

Papers accepted at IEEE TSE, SLE, IPEC
Several papers accepted at IEEE TSE, SLE, IPEC.

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