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Theory Workshop: Generation

Zeit: 10.11.2017 10:00 h - 10.11.2017 16:15 h
Ort: Raum 00/0110, Ketzerbach 63

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Parallel to an upsurge of discussions on space and its production, the MENA region has witnessed an increasing reference to the term generation as a keyword in local discussions on social change since 2011. Although the term’s frequency of application within the region expresses its great relevance for developments there, its meaning is seldom discussed.

The workshop would like to counteract this absence of discussion and offer an opportunity to explore concepts and theories of generation as a social parameter while paying particular attention to the great relevance of time and temporalization as well as remembrance cultures.  In addition, we will also examine how the discussed concepts of generation are used for political analysis on one hand, and as practical instruments of political protest and social self-positioning on the other. We invite you to download and thoroughly read texts of discussion before the workshop:

While reading, we suggest keeping a few guiding questions of discussion in mind for the workshop:

  • How can concepts ‘generation’ or ‘intergenerational relations/relationships’ be productively and critically used to analyze social change or continuity, domination, and political protest?
  • What are the political implications of generational discourses in the public sphere, in social movements, and in academia?
  • How do particular chains of events, social conflicts or changing temporalities (i.e. social acceleration) pre-structure the way generations are perceived and represented?
  • To what extent are spatial aspects relevant to how actors imagine and represent generations, and how is this reflected in research?


For organizational purposes, we ask that you register by October 27th, 2017 with a short email to Sihem Hamlaoui.


Dr. Achim Rohde
Dr. Christoph Schwarz

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