11.03.2024 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: “Imagining Futures: Dealing with Disparity”

The Merian Centre for Advanced Studies in the Maghreb (MECAM) invites applications for nine fellowships for postdoctoral and advanced researchers in the humanities and social sciences for the period from September 2024 to April 2025. Under the overall theme “Imagining Futures: Dealing with Disparity” MECAM is dedicated to a research agenda framed by five interrelated ‘Interdisciplinary Research Fields’ (IRFs): Aesthetics & Cultural Practice, Inequality & Mobility, Memory & Justice, Resources & Sustainability, and Identities & Beliefs. Applications should be related to the main theme and at least one of the IRFs. This call for applications is open to researchers from all countries, including Tunisia. MECAM has been established at the Université de Tunis/Tunisia in October 2020 to strengthen internationalization, free academic research and cooperation in the Humanities and Social Sciences in, with and across the Maghreb, and other regions of the world.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: MECAM- Fellowships 2024-2025

With this call for applications, MECAM invites postdoc and advanced scholars in the social sciences and
humanities to apply for individual fellowships with their own research projects that relate to one or more
of MECAM’s Interdisciplinary Research Fields (IRFs) under the guiding theme of “Imagining Futures:
Dealing with Disparities”.

 Extended deadline: 25. March 2024, 12.30h CEST (afternoon)

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