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    Prof. Dr. Pooya Alaedini is an Associate Professor of social planning at the University of Tehran. His areas of focus include socioeconomic development, urban and regional planning. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank, the UN, the International Labor Organization, and the International Organization for Migration.

    His publications, including a dozen peer-reviewed articles, two books and several published reports, have focused on high-impact development issues as well as evaluation of major development programs. Dr. Alaedini holds an undergraduate degree in mathematical sciences from Ohio State University and master’s degrees in civil/transportation engineering and economics from Ohio State University and University of Delaware.

    He wrote a noted dissertation on oil-based industrialization in Iran for his Ph.D. in urban planning and policy development at Rutgers University, and conducted research on urban development and industrialization in the Middle East and East Asia at the United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies in Tokyo as a post-doctoral fellow. His research interest is in urban planning, regional/industrial development, social policy, employment and labor migration, as well as impact evaluation/social safeguards.

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