Future Scenarios for the European Heavy-Duty Truck Market

How could the European heavy-duty Truck market evolve and look like in the year 2035?


Multiple Szenarien - Zukunftssicher Strategien planen

Wie lassen sich in Zeiten des Ukraine Krieges, COVID-19 und des Klimawandels zukunftssichere Strategien planen?


Future Scenarios for the German Energy Market

How could the German Energy market evolve and look like in the year 2035?


EFCA's 2022 Future Trends Report

How can the consulting engineering industry overcome the challenges of digitisation, harmonisation, and sustainability?

Foto: EFCA 2022 Future Trend Report

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Future Scenarios for the European Airline Industry

How could the European aviation industry develop and look like in the year 2030?

Foto: HHL

This study offeres exciting insights into possible developments:
an outlook on possible developments of the demand for air travel and the speed of the shift towards air transportation under the impact of the corona pandemic, the Ukraine war and the conflict between the USA and China.


Which way to go?

Strategic Scenarios for consulting engineers in times of high uncertainty.

Foto: EFCA


Ein besseres Bild der Zukunft

Kluge Szenarien als Antwort auf Covid-19

Foto: HHL & Roland Berger