Management of Organizations (Master)

Dozent während der Vorlesung
Foto: Felix Wesch

Module Description

The module “Management of Organizations" addresses the question how managers on different levels can successfully lead their companies, thus supporting the implementation of strategy. The module takes on a management perspective and provides participants with important theoretical concepts as well as practical instruments for planning, organizing, leading and controlling a company. 

Module contents

The module starts out with some theoretical considerations on the role of managers in companies. It then addresses the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in order to explore how managers can successfully influence their companies on different levels. As part of the planning function aspects of goal setting and organizational culture are discussed. In the context of the organizing function different structural designs as well as diverse facets of HR management are addressed. When discussing the function of leading we will specifically concentrate on influencing decision-making on individual and group levels. Finally, in the context of the controlling function, the development of KPIs as well as the Balanced Scorecard play an important role.

Course Material 

You will find the course documentation after the start of the semester in the ILIAS course belonging to the module.

Further Information

Further information on the module can be found in the course catalog, the examination regulations and the module handbook attached to the examination regulations. If you have any questions, please contact our student assistants.