Strategic Management

Module Description

The course Strategic Management focuses on theories, concepts and tools of strategic management on the corporate level. Typically, the term "strategic" management refers to seeing the company and its environment and considering long-term decisions that affect the company as a whole. The central aim of the course is to understand formulation and implementation of strategies on a corporate level. The challenge of contributing value to businesses is the crucial element of corporate strategy.

The course starts with an overview of the fundamentals of strategic management on the corporate level. In this context, the emergence of the shareholder vs. stakeholder value debate as well as the concept of parenting advantage are discussed. We then follow the strategy process on the corporate level by first addressing aspects of strategy analysis. In this context, particular emphasis is put on portfolio analysis and planning. Then, a profound analysis of different aspects of strategy formulation on the corporate level follows. Here, different types of product and international diversification strategies as well as mergers & acquisitions and alliances as an instrument to execute portfolio changes are discussed. Finally, aspects of strategic choice as well as strategy implementation on the corporate level are addressed. 

Course Material

You will find the course documentation after the start of the semester in the ILIAS course belonging to the module.

Further Information

Further information on the module can be found in the course catalog, the examination regulations and the module handbook attached to the examination regulations.