Strategic Problemsolving and Communication

Module Description

The focus of this course is on teaching methodological competence. Based on the basic understanding that problems are usually new and that problem solving and communication must go hand in hand, we teach our students in this course procedures that help them understand and solve new, complex problems in companies and communicate these solutions.


The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 52 students. The registration will be done via Marvin as soon as the course is activated by the examination office there. We will inform you about the exact times in advance on our homepage and on our Facebook page. The selection of participants is based on the principle "first come - first served".

Strategic problem solving and communication will only be read out in the first half of the semester. The second half is used to work on group projects, which are presented at the end of the semester.

Course Materials

You will find the course documents after the start of the semester in the ILIAS course that belongs to the module.

Further Information

Further information on the module can be found in the course catalog, the examination regulations and the module handbook attached to the examination regulations. If you have any questions, please contact our student assistants.