17.12.2020 Spring School in Classical Newar, 1 - 12 March 2021

Despite its significance as a source language for the political, cultural, and religious history of the Kathmandu Valley (the historical Nepal Mandala), Classical Newar is not one of the South Asian languages usually taught at “Western” universities. This Spring School aims to provide students from all relevant disciplines with an opportunity to get acquainted with the classical variety of this Tibeto-Burman language as it was used in manuscripts and inscriptions up until the nineteenth century, and which differs from the modern spoken language in several important respects.

No prior knowledge of Newa(r) is required; however, participants are expected to be familiar with at least one of the scripts of Northern India and Nepal (Devanagari, Prachalit lipi, Bengali, etc.). By the end of the course, participants will be able to read simple narrative texts with the aid of a dictionary.

Classes will take place online from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. until noon (Berlin time).

Participation is free; in order to facilitate the organisation of the course, participants are requested to register no later than 31 January. Registrations and inquiries should be directed to Felix Otter (otter@staff.uni-marburg.de).