10.06.2021 Digitaler Vortrag des "Marburg Celtic Seminar" 14.06.2021 Deborah Hayden - Textual transfer, multilingualism and medical learning in medieval Ireland

Foto: Matías Repetto Bonpland

Im Rahmen der digitalen Vortragsreihe "Marburg Celtic Seminar: Textual Transfers in Medieval and Early Modern Ireland and Wales" findet am 14. Juni 2021 um 18 Uhr der Vortrag von Dr. Deborah Hayden (Maynooth University) statt.

Textual transfer, multilingualism and medical learning in medieval Ireland

Foto: courtesy of Irish Script on Screen

A substantial corpus of well over 100 premodern Irish-language medical manuscripts have survived to the present day, containing a wide range of texts that demonstrate the engagement of Irish scholars with medical learning current on the European continent throughout the medieval period. Many of these texts also provide important insight into the historical lexicography of the Irish language and into the vernacularisation of medical knowledge across the Insular world more broadly. This paper will consider the evidence provided by some previously unpublished Irish-language remedy collections for the transmission of medical learning across geographical and linguistic boundaries, focusing in particular on the use of verse as a didactic medium for conveying technical knowledge, as well as on the question of regional variation and scribal networks in the development of distinct approaches to translating or adapting material belonging to this genre of functional literature.

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