04.02.2022 Digitaler Vortrag des "Marburg Celtic Seminar" 14. Februar: Elva Johnston (University College Dublin) ‘Momáedóc mind nAlban, Momáedóc mind nGóidel’: Connecting saints in early medieval Scotland and Ireland

Bild: Matías Repetto Bonpland, Design: Andrey Trofimov

Im Rahmen der digitalen Vortragsreihe "Marburg Celtic Seminar" findet am 14. Februar 2022 um 18 Uhr der Vortrag von Dr. Elva Johnston (University College Dublin) statt.

‘Momáedóc mind nAlban, Momáedóc mind nGóidel’: Connecting saints in early medieval Scotland and Ireland

Manuskriptseite UCD- Franciscan MS A7, fol. 13v
Foto: UCD-OFM Partnership, 2011

The early medieval histories of northwest Britain and Ireland, particularly east Ulster, are closely interconnected. They were joined through shared languages, intersecting politics and the geographical reach of the cult of saints. This paper will delve into the latter, examining it through the the rich martyrological traditions contained in The Martryology of Tallaght, Félire Óengusso, the Martyrology of Gorman and the commentary texts to the Félire. This body of literature commemorates close to 2000 saints from the Gaelic world. These are mostly found in Ireland but there is a distinct group in and from northern Britain. These sources allow the opportunity to examine the evolving cults of saints from the ninth to the twelfth century. The paper will consider what is meant by a Scottish saint. It will identify geographical clusters of Scottish saints in the Irish martyrologies while also locating saints from Scotland with cult sites in Ireland. The main focus will be on the non-Iona saints. The great Hebridean monastery is so well-attested that it can overshadow other patterns of commemoration. It will ask what these were and explore their signficance.

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