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Islamists in Regional Transformation Processes

In the context of the “Arab Spring”, moderate Islamist parties were elected as strongest parties in democratic elections in several Arab transformation countries. They were or still are part of the government in countries like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Even if the Mursi regime in Egypt was overthrown by the military and in Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria moderate Islamist parties voluntarily withdrew from the government, these parties still constitute an important political tendency. In the future, this political current will continue to play an important role as opposition or as part of coalition governments and has a lot of influence within civil societies.

On our German homepage you can find the results of the project "Islamists in the Regional Transformation Process: Dialogue and Documentation", as well as a well-founded introduction to the topics of the project.

The analyses, which resulted from this project, were published in the publications series MENA direkt.