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Current projects

1. Grammar of the Ancient Ethiopian (Gəʾəz)
For the Porta Linguarum Orientalium: New Series (PLO) by Stefan Weninger

2. Publication of the Ethiopian Jeremiah Cycle
DFG Research project by Martin Heide

3. Edition of Ethiopic manuscripts - The corpus of the translation of the geographical treatise of Ǧirǧis al-Makīn Ibn al-ʿAmīd
PhD project by Carsten Hoffmann

4. The Camel in the Biblical World. Interdisciplinary study
publication planned by Eisenbraun's editor: Martin Heide in collaboration with Joris Peters (LMU Munich)

5. The evolution of the derivational verbal system in Arabic in its Semitic context
PhD project by Vera Tsukanova

6. Edition and Translation with Commentary of the Regimen Sanitatis or ‘Book of Pearls’ by ʿAlī ibn Sahl Rabban aṭ-Ṭabarī (d. after 240/855)
DFG Research project
Responsible Redactor: Oliver Kahl

7. Directive Constructions in Ancient Semitic
PhD project by Abdallah Khasawneh

8. Translation and textual transmission of the Ethiopic synaxarion
PhD project by Dorothea Reule