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Research Projects

  • Future of work - Impact of new technologies
  • Blockchain systems for new desings of value chain networks (Eco systems)
  • Acceptance of AI-applications by customers of organisations
  • Options and consequences of delegating managerial decision making to AI
  • Successful digital transformation of organisations with employees
  • Organisational Mining for performance analysis
  • Usage of virtual reality for a better process training
  • Acceptance of proactive services
  • Impact of process-oriented organisational design on customer satisfaction
  • Digital support of processes
  • Lean Management in service companies
  • Individual process logic of services
  • Impact of process orientation in companies
  • Impact of organisational changes on employees
  • Learning of process-oriented thinking in companies
  • Interlinking knowledge of employees in companies
  • Visualisation of cause-and-effect-relationships in decision processes
  • Process management for entrepreneurs