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Latest MACIE award winners

From upper left to lower right:
Cecilia Garcia Chavez, M.Sc., Moritz Fritschle, M.Sc., Jonathan Hauff, B.Sc., Andrew Reek, M.Sc.


The 2021 MACIE Award has been awarded in an online ceremony on January 21st, 2022. The  winners are:

Cecilia Garcia Chavez for her Master‘s thesis "Do budget cycles persist in Madrid's municipalities? Re-election uncertainty matters“,

Moritz Fritschle for his Master‘s thesis "Motivated reasoning among U.S. citizens towards sea-level rise and coastal flooding",

Jonathan Hauff for his Bachelor‘s thesis "A comparison of the matching market for college admissions in the USA and China",

Andrew Reek for his Master‘s thesis "The economic effects of institutional investor networks: Evidence from Europe and the United States".

The MACIE Award of the Marburger Gesellschaft für Ordnungsfragen der Wirtschaft e.V. (MGOW)  has been awarded to Andrew Reek and Jonathan Hauff.