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At the Institute of Fine Arts, about 150 German and international students from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines meet to familiarize themselves with the creative means of expression in graphic design, painting and the digital arts.

Art can be neither taught nor conveyed via a scholarly method. Thus, the foundation of teaching at the Institute of Fine Arts is artistic practice in our studios (German) and workshops, which are set up for painting, graphic design, printing, gravure printing, lithography, screen printing and digital design (German). At the Institute of Fine Arts, we offer an artistic-scientific Master of Arts programme in Concepts of Fine Arts (Bildende Kunst – Künstlerische Konzeptionen), as well as export modules for several B.A. and M.A. degree programs (German). We also offer a course of study for auditors.

All master’s students are provided with their own studio space. The interdisciplinarity between scholarly and artistic studies, as well as fully-equipped studios and workshops, provide students of the Institute of Fine Arts the possibility of gaining greater aesthetic competence for success both in an artistic and academic course of study and a career path.