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Fine Arts


At the Department of Fine Arts, about 150 students from all faculties, national and international alike, come together to deepen and broaden their artistic knowledge and skills.

Art can neither be taught, nor can it be conveyed by means of an academic method. Therefore, teaching at the department is based on artistic practice in the studios and workshops for painting, graphic design, printing, gravure printing, lithography, screen printing and digital design.

The Department of Fine Arts offers the Master’s degree programme Concepts in Fine Arts as well as modules for a large number of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. All Master’s students have their own studio space. Applications for the Master’s degree programme may be filed from 1 May to 15 July every year for the following winter term. Please click here for further information about applications.

The Master’s degree programme Concepts in Fine Arts links the studies of fine arts with a minor subject. The programme is not aimed at an art education in the classical sense but at qualifying students to participate in the artistic-academic discourse. This qualification involves the development of design aesthetics and an artistic attitude, the advancement of manual and technical artistic skills, and the reflection of one’s own artistic practice in an artistic-academic context.

Students find at the Department of Fine Arts an interdisciplinarity of academic and artistic studies as well as well-equipped studios and workshops. They can thus acquire aesthetic expertise for successfully completing their artistic and academic studies and for a successful career.


Research at the Department of Fine Arts focuses on painting and graphic design, digital design and performativity. The Institute’s print workshops do research into non-toxic printmaking.

The wide-ranging research activities of the Department of Fine Arts include exhibitions, publications, design projects and events.