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FB09 Research

The Faculty of German Studies and Arts offers a broad range in linguistics and the cultural sciences. Its seven departments cover German linguistics and literature, media studies, musicology, art history and fine arts. Two internationally leading institutions for research and academic services are associated with the Faculty: The Research Center Deutscher Sprachatlas (part of the faculty) and Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte - Bildarchiv Foto Marburg (linked to the faculty through several associated professorships). The Research Center Deutscher Sprachatlas is a leading center for study of dialects, nonstandard and regional varieties of the German language and offers one of the largest collections of German dialect data worldwide. Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, Germany’s documentation centre for art history, is one of the largest image archives of European art and architecture and at the same time an independent research centre.

Faculty 09 is particularly strong in research and third-party funds. It is involved in CRC/Transregio 135, “Cardinal Mechanisms of Perception: Prediction, Valuation, Categorization” and also in CRC/Transregio 138, “Dynamics of Security”. The faculty is one of the nationally most distinguished academic places, running three long-term projects supported by The Academy of Sciences and Literature:

The projects “” and “REDE (” are examples of the faculty’s expertise in the digital humanities. The web-based edition of Wilhelm August Schlegel’s correspondence is another example of this expertise which also emphasises the profile in academic teaching and in promoting of young scholars.

Please visit the pages of the departments and academic centres for information about their projects and detailed research profiles.