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Date Title  Programme
13.-15.07.2021 Annual Conference of the German Society for Aesthetics. "Aesthetics and Cognition" (Lecture; University of Zurich) --- Online. Programme
08.-09.07.2021 Workshop "Your Camera is an App. On Media Interweaving of Applying and Appropriating." (Workshop; University of Paderborn/GRK "Das Dokumentarische" Ruhr-Universität Bochum) --- Online. Programme
07.-13.06.2021 NECS Annual Conference. Transitions: Moving Images and Bodies (University of Palermo) --- Online Programme
09.03.2021 HRK-Theme Week. "Small Subjects: Opening Perspectives, Shaping the Future!" (Lecture) --- Online Programme
19.02.2021 "Rencontres Ibn Khaldun: Covid19. L’enseignement et la recherche en temps de pandémie: état des lieux en Tunisie et en Allemagne" (Podium; Merian Center for Advanced Studies in the Maghreb, Tunis) --- Online Programme
18.-19.01.2021 Marburg Science Talks. "On the 'foreign' and the 'own'. The Humanities' Difficulties in Dealing with Cultural Property" (Lecture; Philipps-Universität Marburg) --- Online Programme
02.10.2020 A small film discipline panel with great potential: Workshop at the annual digital conference of the Society for Media Studies (Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft) 2020 Programme
14.-15.11.2019 Out of Focus? Let's use autofocus! Ein Symposium zur audiovisuellen Un|Schärfe (Universität Bayreuth) Programme
01.11.2019 Journée d'étude. "Les archives numériques du hirak algérien Comment constituer un corpus?" (Lecture; Philipps-Universität Marburg) Programme
WiSe 19/20 Documentary film series within the context of the Small Disciplines-Weeks: "Images of the Revolution - Revolution of Images? Programme