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About the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures

The special feature of our department is that it combines "large" subjects such as English/American Studies or Romance Studies and so-called "small" subjects such as Celtic Studies or Semitic Studies. This results in excellent opportunities and working conditions for transdisciplinary studies. Some subjects are also represented at other universities, others are unique in Hessen or even in Germany.

The combination of a historical perspective with a current one is also of particular interest in our department. On the one hand, traditions of knowledge and culture are made accessible that encompass the Ancient Occident and the Ancient Orient as well as the modern age. On the other hand, the FB represents 10 cultural areas, which geographically range from the American double continent (Canada, USA, Latin America) to Central, Western and Southern Europe to the Middle East, India and Tibet.

In addition, language learning is also optimally promoted by an international atmosphere. Here you will meet teachers and students with a variety of different native languages (English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Hindi, Hittite, Irish, Welsh, etc.).