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Projects of the RG Algebraic Lie Theory

Book project Hopf algebras and root systems

Involved: Istvan Heckenberger und Hans-Jürgen Schneider
Aim: Presentation of basic and of advanced topics and tools on Hopf algebras in braided categories, mostly with complete proofs. The emphasis is on Nichols algebras and their relationship to root systems.
Published by AMS as Mathematical Surveys and Monographs 247 in June 2020
You are allowed to access the preliminary electronic version.

Research group Linkage Program on Hopf algebras and tensor categories

Involved: Research groups in Cordoba (Argentina), Hamburg and Marburg.
Starting date: July 2018
Ending: July 2023
Coordinators: Ivan Angiono (Cordoba), Simon Lentner (Hamburg), Istvan Heckenberger (Marburg)
Financial sources: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Aim: Promotion of exchange between young scientists in the research groups involved
Within the program there was an online workshop in Hamburg from August 17 until August 21, 2020.
Another workshop is planned for May 22 - May 26, 2023 in Marburg.

DFG project Left coideal subalgebras of Nichols algebras

Starting date: 2020
Duration: 3 years
Extent: PhD position for three years
Aim: Research on the structure theory of left coideal subalgebras of Nichols algebras
Financial sources: German Research Foundation