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IPDU - Intelligent Production Control in a Digitized Enterprise (finished)

The project IPDU develops a holistic method for the planning of discrete manufacturing processes by using data obtained directly from the manufacturing processes. We consider the following problems of producing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME):

  • Increasing number of production variants
  • Smaller batch sizes for individual orders
  • Minimal usage and evaluation of the data generated in the production process

Goals of the project:

  • Establish a tool for dynamic, intelligent planning
  • Exploiting the potential of digitization and Big Data
  • Improvement of forecast accuracy
  • Improve company-specific KPIs: Delivery reliability, resource utilization
  • Automatic processing of the data obtained in the manufacturing process
  • Dynamic adaption of production planning

Research approaches:

  • Development of a scheduling algorithm based on a multi-agent system
  • Simulation of machine utilization using high-level Petri nets
  • Recognition of production-relevant events on data streams occurring in the manufacturing process