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Grafik: GFBio e.V.

Environmental and biological research is becoming central to major societal challenges related to the Earth’s ecosystems and climate dynamics. To handle the scale and complexity of the scientific questions being addressed, there is a strong need to integrate knowledge because biological data are currently scattered and difficult to share. GFBio proposes a coherent infrastructure to improve scientific data integration and preservation.

Grafik: AGDBS, Uni. Marburg

As part of GFBio we are developing the VAT System, where VAT stands for Visualization, Transformation and Analysis. The system facilitates the re-use of GFBio's archived biodiversity data and allows to combine it with miscellaneous spatio-temporal data from other sources. Additionally, VAT provides spatio-temporal operations such as filters and expressions, and several data visualizations in the form of maps, tables and plots. GFBio provides a public version at


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