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Machine Learning for Audiovisual Analytics

Many photos of the tuscan countryside.

Enabling computers to extract insights from audiovisual data means to translate raw pixels or audio samples into a representation interpretable by humans or other computer systems. The goal is to train computers how to identify, classify, and categorize audiovisual content as humans do.

In this context, we focus on methods for the automated content analysis of digital audio/video material.
In the visual domain, this includes methods for cut detection, camera motion detection, text detection, object detection, person/face detection, concept detection, and similarity search. In the auditory domain, methods for speaker recognition, acoustic event recognition, and audio classification were developed. Furthermore, we investigated methods for object segmentation in satellite images and flourescence microscopy images. Many of the proposed methods are based on machine learning approaches, in particular on deep learning.

We are currently supporting several projects in the digital humanities. In particular, we helped to perform optical character recognition of scanned documents related to Syrian literature and developed a web application for doing research with the resulting data in the field of Arabic literature. Moreover, we work on a deep learning approach to perform "stamp recognition" on index cards in the context of producing the Lessico Etimologico Italiano.

Selected Publications

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    (Winner of BirdCLEF 2020)
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