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We focus on research at the intersection of distributed systems and intelligent computing. 

The first column  shows our work in the systems area. Our current topics are: intelligent wireless networking, smart sensor systems, resilient communication in disasters, data-driven cloud computing, and security, privacy & trust. Quite often, we use machine learning techniques to build efficient, adaptive, resilient, usable, and secure distributed systems.

The second column shows our work in the applications area. Our current topics are: audiovisual analytics, medical data analysis, DNA storage & bioinformatics, neural networks, and memetic algorithms. In many cases, we develop machine learning methods to provide high-quality solutions for computationally challenging and/or data-intensive domain-specific intelligent computing problems that profit from being excuted in a parallel/distributed computing environment.

We helped to establish the recently founded Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) ( and are excited to support its mission of understanding the interplay of AI algorithms, AI systems, and synergies between artificial and natural intelligence to provide the foundation for AI transformation.

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