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Smart Sensor Systems

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Smart sensor systems will revolutionize several important application areas, such as environmental sensing, digital cities, personal health, and IT infrastructure monitoring, by providing an unprecedented resolution and speed of data collection combined with ample opportunities to obtain novel insights by intelligent data analytics. The design, development, deployment, and use of smart sensor systems require contributions from embedded hardware systems, operating systems, wireless networking, distributed algorithms, stream processing, and machine learning.

Our recent work focuses on easing the configuration of operating system images on single-board computers, environmental monitoring based on infrastructureless communication, complex event processing on mobile devices, deep learning for sensor data analytics, and reactive cloud security and performance monitoring.

Selected Publications

  • Jonas Höchst, Alvar Penning, Patrick Lampe, Bernd Freisleben:
    PIMOD: A Tool for Configuring Single-Board Computer Operating System Images. 2020 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, Seattle, WA, USA, 1-8, IEEE, 2020
  • Afef Mdhaffar, Fedi Cherif, Yousri Kessentini, Manel Maalej, Jihen Ben Thabet, Mohamed Maalej, Mohamed Jmaiel, Bernd Freisleben:
    DL4DED: Deep Learning for Depressive Episode Detection on Mobile Devices. 17th International Conference on Smart Living and Public Health, New York City, NY, USA, LNCS 11862, 109-121, Springer, 2019
  • Lars Baumgärtner, Alvar Penning, Patrick Lampe, Björn Richerzhagen, Ralf Steinmetz, Bernd Freisleben:
    Environmental Monitoring Using Low-Cost Hardware and Infrastructureless Wireless Communication. 2018 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, San Jose, CA, USA, 1-8, IEEE, 2018
  • Pablo Graubner, Christoph Thelen, Michael Körber, Artur Sterz, Guido Salvaneschi, Mira Mezini, Bernhard Seeger, Bernd Freisleben:
    Multimodal Complex Event Processing on Mobile Devices. 12th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems, Hamilton, New Zealand, 112-123, ACM, 2018
  • Afef Mdhaffar, Riadh Ben Halima, Mohamed Jmaiel, Bernd Freisleben:
    Reactive Performance Monitoring of Cloud Computing Environments. Cluster Computing 20(3): 2465-2477, 2017
  • Lars Baumgärtner, Christian Strack, Bastian Hoßbach, Marc Seidemann, Bernhard Seeger, Bernd Freisleben:
    Complex Event Processing for Reactive Security Monitoring in Virtualized Computer Systems. 9th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems, Oslo, Norway, 22-33, ACM, 2015
  • Afef Mdhaffar, Riadh Ben Halima, Mohamed Jmaiel, Bernd Freisleben:
    D-CEP4CMA: A Dynamic Architecture for Cloud Performance Monitoring and Analysis via Complex Event Processing. International Journal on Big Data Intelligence 1(1/2): 89-102, 2014
  • Afef Mdhaffar, Riadh Ben Halima, Mohamed Jmaiel, Bernd Freisleben:
    CEP4Cloud: Complex Event Processing for Self-Healing Clouds. IEEE 23rd Int. WETICE Conference, Parma, Italy, 62-67, IEEE, 2014
    (Best Paper Award)

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