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Game Studio (Block course, Winter term 2023/2024)

Grafik: Sebastian Lieb

Lecturer: Sebastian Lieb, Thorsten Thormählen
Module name: CS 502 Career Preparation / Marburg Skills
Language of the course: German

This module provides an insight into game development with the Unity game engine. During the course, a computer game is to be conceptually developed and implemented. For this purpose, all required sub-areas and steps of development, such as graphic programming, game design, and game logic are covered. The aim of the course is to understand the individual phases of game development and to implement your own game. A large part of the course consists of supervised independent work or working together in small groups, similar to what can be found in a professional working environment. Basic knowledge of programming is required. Previous knowledge of graphics programming, C#, good time management, and the ability to work in a team are an advantage.

Qualification objectives

  • General insight into game development
  • Getting to know Unity and its components
  • Programming in C#
  • Project and time management


The course will be held as a block event from Monday, March 04th, 2024 to Friday, March 15th, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m in (H | 04) HS III (03A14). The associated module is called "CS 502 Career Preparation" and can be selected in different degree programs within the framework of Marburg Skills (MarSkills). There is a corresponding course on the ILIAS learning platform.


The course is considered passed if an executable prototype of your own game has been created in Unity. The final grade depends on the quality and scope of the developed game, which must be presented at the end of the module.

Results for the Unity Game Studio WS 2018_19