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New DFG-Grant

The project "Femtosecond – coincidence studies of molecular chirality“ receives funding from the DFG. 

Studies of molecular chirality will be performed within the frame of fs-laser ionization employing circularly polarized light. More specifically the circular dichroism in photoionization yields (PICD) as well as the photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD) will be investigated for selected target molecules as a function of the wavelength in the UV/VIS and as the function of the spectral phase of the laser pulses. Ultimately these two experiments will be combined in a photoelectron-photoion-coincidence experiment (PEPICO_CD) employing a high-repetition fs-laser system.

We expect that the results of this research will contribute to improving future applications of fs-laser ionization mass spectrometry in the investigation of chirality properties in chemical analysis.