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The Department of Pharmacy in Marburg can boast several superlatives. It can look back on the world's longest history of specialization: the world's first chair of chymiatry was established in Marburg in 1609. Today, Philipps-University features the largest Department of Pharmacy in Germany with more than 1000 students. The Institute of the History of Pharmacy is unique, too. Founded in 1965, the Institute has remained the only one of its kind in Germany, setting the international standard in the field of pharmaceutical historiography, and offering a unique doctoral program.

The long history of Pharmacy is also reflected in the spatial distribution of the Institutes. Almost all of them are located in the center of the old town, except for the Institute of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy, which is located on the Lahnberge Campus within the Biochemical-Pharmacological Center. The five fields of Pharmacy are represented by 14 professors. An active Pharmacy Student Council ensures a full life even after official courses have ended for a day.

The research focuses on drug development against infectious diseases, advancing drug delivery systems, and cellular and molecular mechanisms of drug action.

If you are looking for a place to study in a renowned program with a great history, modern teaching and research environment in a pleasant atmosphere, Marburg is the place for you.