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Courses at BPC

Institute of Pharmacology

Study Course Human Medicine

1. Clinical Year - Pharmacology, Toxicology Nr. LV-20-107-092

3. Clinical Year - Pharmacotherapy Nr. LV-20-107-135

Study Course Biomedical Science

KM5 Practice

KM4 Seminar

KM5 Lecture

FM Tumorpharmacology

Study Course Dentistry

Pharmacology and Toxicology for Dentists

Study Course "Kognitive and Integrative systemical neuro science"

Institute of Biochemistry

2. Semester - Biochemie I (biochem. Methoden) Nr. LV-20-107-036

4. Semester - Biochemie II Praktikum Nr. LV-20-107-033

4. Semester - Biochemie II Seminar Nr. LV-20-107-034

4. Semester - Biochemie III Gr. M1 Nr. LV-20-107-039

4. Semester - Biochemie III Gr. K1-K5 Nr. LV-20-107-041

KM3 Practice Nr. LV-20-009-021

VM Pathobiochemistry Lecture Nr. LV-20-d17-044

VM Pathobiochemistry Seminar Nr. LV-20-d17-044

Institute of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy

1. Semester - Toxicology of ingredients und contaminants Nr. LV-16-126-004

2. Semester - Kursus der Physiology - Laborpraktikum Nr. LV-16-126-020

2. Semester - Kursus der Physiology - Lecture Nr. LV-16-126-020

5. Semester - Krankheitslehre - Lecture Nr. LV-16-126-027

5., 6., 7., + 8. Semester - Pharmacology und Toxicology II Nr. LV-16-126-106

7. Semester - Pharmacotherapy Nr. LV-16-126-056

7. Semester - Clinical Pharmacy I Nr. LV-16-126-054

7. Semester - compulsory optional project Practice in Pharmacolgy/Clinical Pharmacy Nr. LV-16-126-452

8. Semester - Clinical Pharmacy II Nr. LV-16-126-055

8. Semester - Pharmacological-toxicological course of demonstration Nr. LV-16-126-057

Clinical Chemistry

Crash-Kurs Clinical Chemistry and Laboratoriumsmedicine

Practice in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratoriumsmedicine