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  • Max Geraedts


The Institute of Health Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology (IVE) at the Philipps-Universität Marburg (UMR) is engaged in the analysis of determinants of the functionality of health care systems and their components. The focus is on the analysis of factors influencing the quality of medical care.

The IVE represents health care research at the UMR. For this purpose, analyses will be carried out on the basis of primary, secondary and tertiary data, using, among other things, clinical-epidemiological methods.

In teaching, the IVE is responsible for those subjects in medical studies that concern the relationship between health/disease and society: in preclinical studies, teaching in medical sociology; in clinical studies, teaching in social medicine and in the so-called cross-sectional area 3, which deals with health economics, the health care system, and public health. Students learn about the importance of social conditions for health and illness and the social arrangements for coping with them - ultimately, therefore, what Salomon Neumann and Rudolf Virchow summarized as follows: "Medicine is a social science".