10.09.2020 NFDI4Culture Explained

Virtual Culture Community Workshop “NFDI4Culture explained” 09.09.2020. Several HeFDI-Universities participate in NFDI4Culture.

#NFDI4culture #4CultureExplained

09.09.2020, 10:00-12:00h

What is NFDI4Culture? Where do we stand today in the construction of the National Research Data Infrastructure for Tangible and Intangible Cultural Assets? How will it start in October 2020? How can partners participate then?
You may have questions and we are willing to answer in the Culture Spirit: personally and directly.
Please register for the workshop by mail to coordination-office@nfdi4culture.de until 04.09.2020. You will then receive the zoom access link to our virtual meeting room.

10:00 am General introduction and Q&A
10:30 am Session 1 in focus groups
11:00 am Session 2 in focus groups
11:30 am Wrap Up and final discussion

The main workshop language is German, questions can be asked in English.

Focus group 1:
Data Capture and Enrichment with Ina Blümel (Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover) & Reinhard Altenhöner (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation)
FAIRe Daten für die Forschung with Barbara Wiermann (Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library) & Christian Bracht (German Documentation Center for Art History - Bildarchiv Foto Marburg)

Focus group 2:
Research Tools and Data Services with Lisa Dieckmann (Prometheus - The distributed digital image archive for research & teaching / University of Cologne) & Daniel Röwenstrunk (Paderborn University, Zentrum Musik – Edition)
Legal Helpdesk with Harald Sack & Franziska Boehm (FIZ Karlsruhe - Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure)

Focus group 3:
Data Publication and Data Availability with Maria Effinger (Heidelberg University Library) & Jens Bove (Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library)
Cultural Research Data Academy (CRDA) - Professionalisation, Qualification and Training with Malte Hagener (Philipps-University Marburg) & Andreas Münzmay (Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar Detmold/Paderborn)


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