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HeFDI Data Talks

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General information and registration

The HeFDI Data Talks are a bi-weekly open information and discussion event series on current topics, offers and services in the field of research data management. The Data Talks take place every second Friday (even calendar weeks) from 11-12h as a web conference.

For all interested parties, participation in Talks of your choice is possible after a one-time free, immediate automatic processed registration for the event series.

At the beginning of a talk, invited experts provide input for about 30 to 40 minutes mostly in German language, followed by an opportunity for discussion and questions. The topics discussed currently include in particular the consortia of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) with their offerings. But also local and regional offers as well as general information and discussion about data management are addressed in the Data Talks.

If you have suggestions or requests for topics, you are welcome to

Program Overview

Summer Semester 2024

The program is still in progress.

05.04.2024, 11-12h Coscine Katja Jansen/ Ilona Lang, RWTH Aachen
19.04.2024, 11-12h Jupyter Dr. Christian Berger, UMR
03.05.2024, 11-12h NFDIxCS Ulrike Lucke, Potsdam University
17.05.2024, 11-12h Data access for research - a data utopia? Stefanie Fuchsloch, NFDI
31.05.2024, 11-12h tba. tba.
14.06.2024, 11-12h KonsortSWD Larissa Obst, scientific advisor at KonsortSWD
28.06.2024, 11-12h PUNCH4NFDI Harry Enke, PUNCH4NFDI AIP
12.07.2024, 11-12h FAIR Clearingstelle NFDI4Culture Dr. Angela Kailus & Celia Krause, UMR
06.09.2024, 11-12h tba. tba.
20.09.2024, 11-12h Datentreuhandstellen Florian Möslein & Sebastian Omlos, UMR
04.10.2024, 11-12h tba. tba.
01.11.2024, 11-12h tba. tba.
15.11.2024, 11-12h RADAR4Chem Kerstin Soltau, RADAR4Chem/ RADAR4Culture

Summer Semester 2023 and Winter Semester 2023/24

Data Talks Program Overview

Date Topic Speaker
05.05.2023, 11-12h

Chemotion - An Introduction to an Open-Source ELN for FAIR Data

Dr. John Jolliffe, NFDI4Chem
02.06.2023, 11-12h

HeFDI-Repositories - a service offer

Dr. Andreas Geißner, TUDa & Dr. Lydia Riedl, UMR
30.06.2023, 11-12h

NFDI4Ing: Services and Offers

Mario Moser, RWTH Aachen
14.07.2023, 11-12h

From Research Data Management (RDM) to Reproducible Research Management (RRM) with AI

Dr. Wolfgang Stille, HessianAI
08.09.2023, 11-12h

RDM at Universities of Applied Sciences - Awareness, Activities and Demands

Robert Werth, FRA-UAS
22.09.2023, 11-12h

NFDI4Memory - A research data infrastructure for historically engaged disciplines

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk, h_da
06.10.2023, 11-12h

Kadi4Mat - Karlsruhe Data Infrastructure for Materials Science

Dr.-Ing. Michael Selzer, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
20.10.2023, 11-12h

Long term archiving of research data

Dr. Elena Hamidy, JLU Gießen
03.11.2023, 11-12h

The NFDI4Earth (National Research Data Infrastructure for the Earth System Sciences): conception, execution & examples

PD Dr. Dominik Hezel, GUF & Tamanna, GUF
17.11.2023, 11-12h

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks - An Introduction Using the Example of eLabFTW

Dr. Björn Trebels, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen & Hüseyin Uzun, Goethe Universität Frankfurt
01.12.2023, 11-12h


Dr. Michael Vockenhuber, SYNMIKRO, Philipps-Universität Marburg
15.12.2023, 11-12h

UpdateFDM: A capability maturity model for evaluating the institutional RDM portfolio

Dr. Denise Jäckel, FDNext
26.01.2024, 11-12h

Research Data Management in Third-Party Funding Applications - DFG Requirements

Dr. Ortrun Brand, HeFDI/UMR
09.02.2024, 11-12h


Charlotte Neidiger, KIT-Bibliothek (re3data editorial team)
23.02.2024, 11-12h
(RESCHEDULED to 17.05.2024)

Data access for research - a data utopia?

Stefanie Fuchsloch, NFDI
08.03.2024, 11-12h

Teaching materials on RDM - The HeFDI self-learning unit

Dr. Ortrun Brand, HeFDI/ UMR
22.03.2024, 11-12h

Inventorying, standardizing, making available - on the digitization of university collections

Alexander Maul, Stab FDM/ UMR

Winter Semester 2022/2023 

Data Talks Program Overview

Date Topic Speaker
07.10.2022, 11-12h

Hochleistungsrechnen (HPC) - für wen und wie eignet sich HPC in der Forschung?

Dr. Thorsten Reimann, Hessisches Kompetenzzentrum für Hochleistungsrechnen (HKHLR)/TU Darmstadt
21.10.2022, 11-12h

Lehren aus Open (Government) Data für Open Science

Dr. Henriette Litta, Open Knowledge Foundation
04.11.2022, 11-12h

ausgefallen: BERD@NFDI - Business, Economics and related Data

Dr. Ulrich Krieger, Universitätsbibliothek Universität Mannheim / BERD@NFDI
18.11.2022, 11-12h

DAPHNE4NFDI - NFDI-Konsortium "DAta from PHoton and Neutron Experiments"

Lisa Amelung, DESY Hamburg
02.12.2022, 11-12h

MaRDI4NFDI - Mathematical Research Data Initiative

Tabea Bacher, MaRDI / MPI MiS
16.12.2022, 11-12h

FDM in Forschungsanträgen - die Anforderungen der DFG

Dr. Ortrun Brand, HeFDI/UMR
27.01.2023, 11-12h

Data Stewards

Dr. Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi, TU Graz
10.02.2023, 11-12h

eLabFTW - Overview and new features

Nicolas Carpi, main developer of eLabFTW
24.02.2023, 11-12h

Sustainable research software with software management plans

Dr. Yves Grossmann, Max PLanck Digital Library
24.03.2023, 11-12h

HeFDI self learning-unit on research data management

Robert Werth, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, HeFDI RDM Officer

Summer Semester 2022 (Overview)

Data Talks Program Overview

Date Topic Speaker
20.05.2022, 11-12h

FDM in Forschungsanträgen - die Anforderungen der DFG

Dr. Ortrun Brand, Coordinator HeFDI / Philipps University Marburg
03.06.2022, 11-12h

eLabFTW - Einführung in ein elektronisches Laborbuch

Dr. Björn Trebels, Technical University of Central Hesse
01.07.2022, 11-12h

Forschungsdatenmanagement, Metadaten und Werkzeuge in Sonderforschungsbereichen/Transregios

Dr. Matthias Grönewald, TU Darmstadt
09.09.2022, 11-12h

Linked? Open? Data bei Foto Marburg

Christoph Glorius, Photo Archive Foto Marburg / German Documentation Center for Art History
23.09.2022, 11-12h


Dr. Kathryn Dumschott, IBG4 am Forschungszentrum Jülich

Winter Semester 2021/2022 

Data Talks Program Overview

Date Topic Speaker
10.09.2021, 11-12h

NFDI4Culture - Impact and Services

Sarah Pittroff, Coordination Office NFDI4Culture
05.11.2021, 11-12h

Datenschutzkonzepte in der Forschung

Nina Raschke, Head of the Data Privacy Unit at Philipps-Universität Marburg
19.11.2021, 11-12h

Lizensierung von Forschungsdaten?

Fabian Rack, FIZ Karlsruhe, iRights.Law Berlin
03.12.2021, 11-12h

NFDI4Chem - digitising research workflows in chemistry

Dr. Nicole Jung, KIT Karlsruhe; Dr. John Joliffe, JGU Mainz
17.12.2021, 11-12h

de.NBI - German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure

Prof. Dr. Alexander Goesmann, JLU Gießen
14.01.2022, 11-12h

NFDI4Health - Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur für personenbezogene Gesundheitsdaten

Prof. Dr. Carsten-Oliver Schmidt, University of Greifswald
11.02.2022, 11-12h

NFDI4Biodiversity - Biodiversity, Ecology and Environmental Data

Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner, University of Bremen, AWI Bremerhaven, GFBio e.V.
25.02.2022, 11-12h

Qualitative Daten teilen und sekundär nutzen - FDZ Qualiservice und der Verbund QualidataNet

Dr. Kati Mozygemba, University of Bremen
11.03.2022, 11-12h

XML-Workshop: Praktische Einführung in XML und Metadatenschemata

Andre M. Pietsch, Justus Liebig University Giessen

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