05.02.2024 HeFDI Data Talk on Friday, 08 March 2024, 11-12h: "Teaching materials on RDM - The HeFDI self-learning unit" (EN)

As part of our HeFDI Data Talks, Dr. Ortrun Brand presents "Teaching materials on RDM - The HeFDI self-learning unit", on Friday, 08 March 2024, from 11-12h. The event is online and free of charge.

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HeFDI Data Talk "Teaching materials on RDM - The HeFDI self-learning unit" (EN)

HeFDI Data Talk on 08 March 2024, 11h-12h

The online event is free of charge; click here to register. With the registration you will receive the access data, which are valid for all talks of our bi-weekly series. The talk will be held in English.

Professional data management geared towards subsequent use has become indispensable in scientific research. However, its implementation requires specially trained personnel. The HeFDI learning module "Research data management - an online introduction" offers low-threshold access. It can be viewed online and is now available at all Hessian universities in the learning platforms Moodle or Ilias. In the talk, the structure and content of the course will be presented and application scenarios for self-study and use in further education and teaching will be discussed. Participants will gain an impression of which RDM skills are worth teaching and, with the learning module, will be provided with a convenient tool for integrating the relevant content into their own teaching.

Speaker: Dr. Ortrun Brand, HeFDI Coordination Team, Philipps-University of Marburg

Chair: Maria Kiefer, HeFDI Coordination Office

Our HeFDI Data Talks are a bi-weekly open information and discussion event series on current topics, offers and services in the field of research data management. The Data Talks take place every second Friday (even calendar weeks) from 11-12h as a web conference.
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