06.05.2024 Working with data sets: Code School Basic Track on Friday 17th May

The basic track of the Code School continues on Friday, May 17, 09:00h - 13:00h. Dr. Dominik Hezel from Goethe University will present "Working with data sets"!

Dr. Dominik Hezel from the University of Frankfurt will provide insights into working with data sets on Friday, 17 May. You can look forward to the following topics: The pandas package; more functions: conditionals; making plots: the matplotlib package.

Our HeFDI Code School Basic Track is for free, a series of three online workshops (4r hrs each) in collaboration with NFDI4Earth. The 4-hour workshops combine input phases with group sessions and exercises, since the best way to learn programming is to write your own code. You can register for all three courses or choose the one that interests you most.

See here for full program and registration.


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