16.01.2023 HeFDI Data Talk on Friday, January 27, 2023: 11-12h: Data Stewardship in the making (GER)

In this HeFDI Data Talk, Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi lets us in on the experiences of Austria's new data stewardship initiative. The event is online and free of charge.

Video: Hessian Research Data Infrastructures (HeFDI), License: CC BY 4.0, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8cbbGUOiIA

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The presentation slides are published here: https://zenodo.org/records/7711945

The online event is free of charge; click here to register. With the registration you will receive the access data, which are valid for all talks of our two-week series. The talk will be held in German.

Universities are beginning to recognize the value of the vast amounts of research data they hold. However, depending on their institutional history, goals, and organizational structure, universities have different approaches to addressing the challenges associated with making the most of this data. On the path to managing this data, universities encounter a variety of challenges in providing researchers with adequate resources (infrastructures and personnel) to meet the demands of the data-driven science that is at the heart of current scholarly activity. One much-discussed solution is to professionalize data stewards.

A new initiative in Austria addresses data stewardship in the Austrian context. Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi from Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) presents the results of the initiative as well as international developments.

The HeFDI Data Talks are a virtual event series on current topics in data management, which takes place every two weeks on Fridays from 11-12h. Click here for the program overview.


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