23.01.2023 HeFDI Data Talk on Friday, February 10, 2023: 11-12h: ELabFTW - Overview and new features (EN)

The main developer of eLabFTW, Nicolas Carpi, will talk about the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). The event is online and free of charge.

Video: Hessian Research Data Infrastructures (HeFDI), License: CC BY 4.0, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYa4Gxd5ko0

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The online event is free of charge; click here to register. With the registration you will receive the access data, which are valid for all talks of our two-week series. The talk will be held in English.

ELabFTW is on everyone's lips - the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) offers a generic approach for many disciplines to record and digitally document laboratory work and experiments. Working groups can collaborate and share their recorded data in the process. Also in the state initiative HeFDI-Hessian Research Data Infrastructures, some sites already offer this lab book as a generic service.
At the HeFDI Data Talk on February 10, we will therefore have a special guest: The main developer of eLabFTW, Nicolas Carpi, will present his product in more detail, especially with regard to new functionalities such as metadata, but also with regard to interoperability between different ELN tools. Afterwards, as always, there will be an opportunity for discussion.

The HeFDI Data Talks are a virtual event series on current topics in data management, which takes place every two weeks on Fridays from 11-12h. Click here for the program overview.


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