13.07.2023 HeFDI Data Talk on Friday, 15 July 2023, 11-12h: "From Research Data Management (RDM) to Reproducible Research Management (RRM) with AI" (EN)

Reproducibility of results is key for good and also cutting edge research. In our HeFDI Data Talk, Hessian.AI will present it's vision of a modular digital research toolkit based on artificial intelligence (AI). It aims at not only enabling research data management (RDM), but even more supporting reproducible research management (RRM).

Foto: Colourbox / Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo

HeFDI Data Talk "From Research Data Management (RDM) to Reproducible Research Management (RRM) with AI"

Our HeFDI Data Talk on Friday 14th July, 11h-12h is conducted by our regional AI-Competence Center Hessian.AI:

Based on RDM and the FAIR data principles, Dr. Wolfgang Stille from Hessian.AI will focus on the reproducibility of results and in particular measures to make scientific experiments including all their artifacts transparent and available in an appropriate manner along the research data lifecycle. Hessian.AI's vision is to interoperably integrate and extend existing infrastructures for research data, software, and documentation into a modular digital research toolkit that supports reproducible research management (RRM).

Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Stille, Hessian.AI

Chair: Robert Werth, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences


Our HeFDI Data Talks are a bi-weekly open information and discussion event series on current topics, offers and services in the field of research data management. The Data Talks take place every second Friday (even calendar weeks) from 11-12h as a web conference.

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