21.02.2022 HeFDI Data Talk on 25.02.2022: RDC Qualiservice and QualidataNet

Dr. Kati Mozygemba, University of Bremen, presents the Research Data Center (RDC) Qualiservice and the network QualidataNet under the aspect of data sharing of qualitative social science research data.

Foto: Colourbox.de / Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo

HeFDI Data Talk on 25.02.2022, 11-12h, online.

Qualiservice is a research data center (RDC) accredited by the Council for Social and Economic Data for the archiving and subsequent use of qualitative research data in social research.

From the very beginning, Qualiservice has worked closely with researchers. The RDC Qualiservice advises, provides handouts, templates and tools for the management and preparation of qualitative research data for scientific re-use. Within the framework of the Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastuktur (NFDI) (english: National Research Data Infrastructure), Qualiservice coordinates the establishment of the QualidataNet network - a federated infrastructure for data sharing of qualitative data and the development of a specific RDM portfolio. The presentation is dedicated to possibilities and solutions for data sharing of qualitative research materials and takes a look at the challenges involved.

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The speaker Dr. Kati Mozygemba, RDC Qualiservice, University of Bremen, holds a degree in sociology and a PhD in health sciences. After many years of research work as a PostDoc in various research projects, she has been working as a research associate for the Research Data Center (RDC) Qualiservice at the University of Bremen since 2018. Her tasks lie, for example, in the establishment and further development of structures and offers of research data management as well as in advising researchers. As a member of the Ethics Committee of the University of Bremen and the Working Group on Research Ethics of the Council for Social and Economic Data (RatSWD), she also addresses issues of research ethics. Within the framework of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), she is coordinating the development of the QualidataNet network for the Consortium for Social, Behavioral, Educational, and Economic Data (KonsortSWD), a network of research data centers that should, in the future, make it much easier to share and access qualitative research data.

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