15.03.2022 Workshop on FAIR Research Data Management: 6 and 8 July 2022

Two-day workshop in collaboration with NFDI4Chem provides basics for chemists on FAIR Research Data Management.

Foto: Colourbox.de

In order to achieve their goal of ensuring that good research data management (RDM) will become second nature to chemists, NFDI4Chem provides training opportunities for the community and supports scientists in making their research data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable & reusable). 

In this two-day course researchers from chemistry will be taken through the basics of RDM while applying these to a chemistry context. These basic concepts, principles, and more will not only be taught theoretically, but with additional interactive elements involving individual and group work.

The workshop's objectives are that participants

  • can apply the concepts of metadata and data organisation in chemistry.
  • can apply data documentation with a Data Management Plan and get to know some electronic lab notebooks.
  • make the FAIR principles applicable to their chemical research.
  • understand the importance of standards and persistent identifiers.
  • know the terms storage, backup, archiving, and publication and are able to independently search for new chemical repositories.
  • know the services and the supporting infrastructure of their university.

The free-of-charge-workshop is offered in cooperation with NFDI4Chem. The course language is English. 

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