10.09.2020 Status and Future of Research Data Management in the Engineering Sciences Using the Example of Thermofluidics

Community event (30 November to 1 December 2020) of NFDI4Ing, also hosted by HeFDI member TU Darmstadt

Data are the raw material of the future. FAIR data, data quality and research data management (RDM) are therefore experiencing a steady increase in importance. How we do research is changing. How this changes is something we discuss and shape together.

The community event on 30 November and 1 December 2020 of NFDI4Ing, in which the HeFDI University TU Darmstadt is involved, addresses the status and future of RDM on four levels:

  1. Research data management is daily practice. This is demonstrated by means of best practice examples.
  2. Data literacy is an integral part of the development of solutions. Its teaching therefore has an important key role to play.
  3. Collaborative research projects thrive on data exchange. Data quality and data governance are conditional factors for the high quality and success of a project. In future, meaningful RDM concepts must be submitted as early as the application stage.
  4. Research and RDM are per se interdisciplinary and transnational. Cooperation with other consortia is indispensable. Only in this way can synergies be used and the subject-specific requirements for RDM be met.

Ideas and approaches for the implementation of RDM are to be generated through lectures and discussions. The focus is on collaborative research projects. The main emphasis of the event lies on the exchange between central services and the specialist communities.

The aim is to promote the cultural change of research data management in the professional community.

Information about the community event and registration options will be available on the NFDI4Ing homepage.


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