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Adobe PointConsortium / ETLA

The PointConsortium framework agreement gives the right to rent Adobe licenses for the complete Creative Cloud until November 22, 2022.

  • Notes on product activation and old installations

    Existing installations from the last ETLA contract, which expired on 11-22-2019, can continue to be used with a serial number activation until 11-22-2020 at the latest. This applies to installations of Creative Cloud products up to version 2018. From November 20th, 2020 all old installations must be replaced by Named user (NUL) or Shared Device (SDL) installations.

    At this time also the second right of use of existing old installations ends. Then you have to remove all ETLA installations from mobile devices for which you had applied the second right of use.

    • All NUL and SDL installations can only be used after registration.
    • To start a NUL installation a NUL license is required, this will be linked to your e-mail address after purchase.

Target group



  • Licenses are leased until November 22th, 2022.
  • The costs are currently approx. 346.25€ gross until the end of the contract.
  • The price for new licenses decreases every year as the duration of the license is shortened.
  • The total costs are paid in advance at the time of purchase.


  • Employees of the Philipps-Universität Marburg are entitled to subscribe.
  • From version 2019 on a registration is necessary to start the Adobe applications. After placing an order you can request access at the University Computer Center.


  • You can obtain new licenses through the reseller (Asknet)

Licenses are available as Named user (NUL) or Shared Device (SDL)

  • Named user (NUL): This license is assigned to exactly one person and may be used by this person (but nobody else) on multiple devices
    • After ordering the license please provide the University Computer Center with the user's business e-mail address. Send the order confirmation together with the e-mail address to 
    • The user will then receive an e-mail from Adobe to create a password for his/her account (Enterprise-ID / Registration via educational institution)
  • Shared Device (SDL): This license is assigned to a single device and can be used by members of the university with a free Enterprise ID