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Citavi Campus License

The Philipps-Universität Marburg maintains a campus license for the software "Citavi - Literature Management and Knowledge Organization". Citavi supports students and researchers in all steps of working with scientific literature, from research to the evaluation of material, the organization of knowledge and publication.

Target group

Employees and students


None, it is a campus-wide license, employees and students can use Citavi at work and at home, free of charge.



  • Current problems with the initial registration

    There are currently problems with the initial registration of new Citavi users.

    Problem description:
    You are redirected back to the Citavi login page after logging in with your university account credentials via "Continue with University".

    Please follow the steps listed here once to complete the initial login.

    Step 1:
    Click "Mit Universität fortfahren" (Continue with University).
    Enter "Marburg" and select Philipps-Universität Marburg.
    On the Web Login page, check "Clear prior granting of permission for release of your information to this service."
    Then log in with university account.
    Make a note of the email address listed under "Email".

    Step 2:
    "Don't have an account?  Sign up now".
    Then enter the email address noted above and click "Send confirmation code".
    Wait for email (about 5min).
    Then enter code and click "Verify code".
    Then enter the desired Citavi password twice (you should use this only for Citavi), enter first and last name and agree to the "privacy policy" and "terms and conditions". Then click on "create".

    Step 3:
    Go to
    Log in with your e-mail address and the password you chose before.
    Click on the first name letter in the square at the top right, then click on "Profile" and under "Login data" click on "Additional accounts", then click on "Add another university account".
    Now enter "Marburg", select Philipps-Universität Marburg and log in via web login (Shibboleth).

    You now have a Citavi account that is linked to your university account via Shibboleth. In the future, you can also log in to Citavi via "Continue with University".

Citavi on university PCs

Citavi is available on most of the university's workstations in the PC rooms and in the departments. Neither license information nor registration is required to use Citavi. If you wish to install Citavi on employee workstations, please contact the responsible IT administrator.

Citavi on private PCs

You can download Citavi for free
(further information about the installation under:

How do I get an account and my license?

  1. Log in to Citavi via "Meine Hochschule" (My University) (redirection to Shibboleth).
  2. Enter your student or staff access data there.

Or follow the illustrated instructions (PDF, German)

As an alternative, the registration without Citavi is possible at

A Citavi account is automatically created for you the first time you log in.

You can also find more information on using the campus license on the manufacturer's website.